Saturday, February 13, 2016

Extreme Cold Weather Cancellation - Sunday, Feb 14th

Hey Sunday Riders,

Brrrr! It's hard to believe how cold it is after the 16c day we had just over a week ago! Sadly they are calling for very chilly weather again Sunday so we are going to cancel classes. Again, as we only billed for 9 classes this session, riders do not have to schedule a makeup lesson.

Stay warm and Happy Valentines Day!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Extreme Cold Weather Cancellation- Saturday February 13th

Hey Raynham Riders,

As I'm sure you guessed, classes are cancelled for today. With the tempature currently -27c with windchills approaching -40 C, no one wants to be outside!

As we only billed for 9 classes this session, riders do not have to schedule a makeup lesson.

Stay warm!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming!

Hasn’t the weather been terrific this winter?  It’s hard to believe it’s already February and spring will be here before we know it.  We've had a terrific winter so far with great riding at our Holiday Schooling Show and both the Jessica Costello and Rebecca Howard clinics this past month.  This email blast covers a lot of topics (apparently I don’t just talk a lot when teaching!).  Please be sure to at least read the topic on scheduling a make-up lesson, as there has been some confusion. 

The terrific photos in this post are by Amy Kryschuk Photography - thank you! 

In this Email:
  • Make-up Lesson Policy
  • Session Three Lessons: March 20th to June 30th
  • Summer Camp 2016
  • Show Season 2016
  • Part Boarding Info
Make-up Lesson Policy

We realize that students occasionally have to cancel a lesson so to simplify the process of rescheduling, we have set up the online scheduler to book make-up lessons:   It is the responsibility of the student to book their make-up lesson by the end of the school year.  All make-up lessons expire at the end of June.

We are aware that it can be difficult to find a make-up, especially during the busy spring and fall months, so please do not cancel unnecessarily.  Spaces to book a make-up are made available by other students cancelling, please be courteous and PROVIDE AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS A CLASS so we can open your space on the scheduler.   Also be aware that the opportunity to make-up a class simply may not occur for you, a make-up lesson is something we HOPE will be available; it is not something we can guarantee will happen.

Make-up Lesson Details:

  • Students must provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, preferably via email, to receive a make-up lesson. Notice must be given to Nikki, NOT verbally to your instructor.
  • If you cancel a private lesson, we cannot guarantee that there will be a private lesson space available so you may be required to do your make-up in a group lesson instead.
  • Make-ups are only available to students currently enrolled in lessons.  If you stop taking lessons for a session, any missed classes are no longer available to be made up.
  • Make-up lessons are non-transferable and cannot be deducted off the next session fees.  
In the unlikely event that Raynham Stables has to cancel a class, we will ensure that you are able to make-up the lesson. 

Show Season 2016

Are you interested in competing in 2016?  Below is the 2016 Show Package with all the basics details for the 2016 show season!  If you would like to be a member of our 2016 show team, please fill out the Show Team Application, below, and return (either by email or in the cheque box) by Friday, February 12th.  We will be having our annual Show Team Meet & Greet on Friday, February 19th, so mark your calendars!  The meeting will go over all of the finer details of what is involved in competing.

2016 Show Package
2015 Show Team Application
Part Boarding
Looking for more time in the saddle but not looking to compete or perhaps don’t feel ready to compete this year?  A part-board is a great next step as it guarantees you the same horse for all of your lessons as well as an additional practice ride on Fridays (or other date if arranged in advance).   Details on part-boarding are available in the Show Team package, please email Nikki if you have any questions!
Summer Camp 2016

As we are looking to reduce our school horse herd, we are only going to be able to accept 20 campers per session this summer.  Last year we had 40 campers per session and we were fully enrolled all summer so spaces are going to fill quickly!   Registration will open next Friday, February 12th so be ready!

Session One: July 4 – 15
Session Two:  July 18 – 29
Session Three: August 1 – 12
Session Four: August 15 – 26

Online Registration Available!
Session Three Lessons:
March 13th – June 30th

The next session will be here before we know it so please let me know if you need to make any changes to your lesson time before I start booking in riders that have taken this session off.   If you are receiving this email blast and are looking to re-enroll in classes, please let me know ASAP, as spaces are limited.  I hope to have the Session Three schedule completed by March 1st.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ride Times for Rebecca Howard Clinic

Hey Raynham Riders!  We still have 4 spaces available in all levels of groups! Let us know if you are interested in participating!  

Clinic Participants:

If you have a ? beside your name, let me know your preferred horse choice :)  Riders are encouraged to stay for as much of the day as possible, you can learn a ton from watching the other groups ride! Please ensure you arrive early enough to do an impeccable grooming job and clean your tack.   You should dress neatly in fitted attire (no hoodies, bulky coats) so that Rebecca can easily see your position.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

1.     Veronica L. – Magnum
2.     Chanelle – Rumba/Noah?
3.     Danyele C. – Denver/Noah? Other?
4.     Hope W. – Apple Pie
5.      _________________________

1.     Amy K. – Freaky
2.     Bianca I. – Buttercup
3.     _________________________

1.     Lyndsay – Freckles
2.     Sophie – Rumba/Jazz?
3.     Lauren C. – Hercules

1.     Helen – Java
2.     Claudia – Thor
3.     Katie V. – Reggie
4.     Christina F. – Scooby
5.     _____________

1.     Sarah C. – Noah
2.     Jessie G. – Jack
3.     Emily J. – Bert
4.     Lauren D. – Buttercup
5.     __________

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clinic Times for Jessica Costello

Hey Everyone!

It's supposed to be a balmy +2c on Friday for our clinic - fingers crossed the forecast doesn't change! Here is the list of riders and ride times for Friday.  I sent out an email to all the riders registered with further details, please let me know if you did not receive it!


Ride Times

1. 11:00am - Kathy Campbell - Ruby
2. 11:30am - Tanja Irion - Ernie
3. 12:00pm - Dawn Whitehead - Apple Pie 
4. 12:30pm - Claudia Oppedisano - Thor
5. 1:00pm - Allison Collier - Denver
6. 1:30pm - Bianca Iddiols - Buttercup
7. 2:00pm - Jessie Gordon - Jack 
8. 2:30pm - Veronica Low - Magnum
9. 3:00pm - Helen Cheyne - Java 
10. 3:30pm - Bianca Iddiols - Abby 
11. 4:00pm - Amy Kryschuk - Freaky 
12. 4:30pm - Emily Johnson - Bert
13. 5:00pm - Hope Wintle - Apple Pie
14. 5:30pm - Lauren Dean - Buttercup

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jessica Costello & Rebecca Howard Clinics!

Hey Raynham Riders!

Thankfully the temperatures are back up to a much more comfortable range!  With all of our exciting plans for this winter, it will be spring before we know it!   We have two terrific clinics coming up, please email Nikki ASAP if you are interested as spaces are limited! 

Clinics aren't just about your own lesson - riders are encouraged to watch as many of the groups as possible.  Often you can better understand a theory when watching instead of trying to listen and do at the same time!  Both clinics also include coffee, hot chocolate, snacks and a meal! 

Dressage Clinic with Jessica Costello - Friday, January 15th

Jessica is Nikki's dresasge coach and has also help Lindsay with his horses in the past.  She is a terrific instructor with the abiltity to help riders develop the "feel" for dressage with her clear and logical coaching style.

Clinician Bio:
Jessica Costello is a EC Level 3 Dressage Coach. She began her riding career in England where students were allowed to ride until you can tack up and get on yourself.  Although she didn’t get to ride until the third lesson, she was instantly hooked!  Jessica is an FEI dressage rider who has represented Canada on the international stage on numerous occasions.  Her current mount, "Rosemunde" competed at the Intermediare level last year.  

Jessica specializes in coaching Adult Amateurs ranging from Training level to PSG and is currently based out of the beautiful Pine Ridge Farms in Nobleton, ON.  

Clinic Details:
Lesson Format: 30 min. Private Lessons (riders should lightly warm up prior to their time) 
Time: 11am - 7pm
Cost: $95.00 per lesson.  $25.00 additional to use a school horse.

Jumping Clinic with Rebecca Howard - Friday, January 29th

We had Rebecca here at Raynham to do a clinic a few years ago and she was a huge hit with all the riders.  Rebecca is currently based in England so we are very fortuante she is able to fit us in duing her visit to Canada!

Clinician Bio: 
Rebecca Howard is a Canadian High Performance Event Rider who rode for Canada at the 2012 Olympics, the 2011 Pan American Games, and the 2010 WEG's. She has been based out of Wiltshire, England since the 2012 Olympics. 
Rebecca understands that excellence is a function of daily habit. Her experience and success in eventing is underpinned by a lifelong admiration and appreciation for horses. She has been developing coaching and clinician skills since her days in Pony Club. 

Clinic Details:
Lesson Format: 2-3 riders for 1 hour or 4 - 5 riders for 1.5 hours.  We will create the groups based on the level of riders that register so that we can create the most balanced groups possible!
Time: 9am - 5pm
Cost: $150 per lesson, $25.00 additional to use a school horse.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Extreme Cold Weather Cancellation - Monday, January 4th

Hey Raynham Riders,

Brrr!  What an unpleasant change in temperature!  Thankfully it is supposed to warm up again by tomorrow but tonight's highs are -15c before the windchill so we are cancelling classes for this evening.  As our winter lesson policy (below) explains, we invoice for one less class this session so riders do not have to schedule a make-up class.

Stay warm tonight!


Inclement Weather Cancellations

We know that living in Canada, there are going to be some unpleasant days from January - March and do not want anyone driving to the barn in unsafe conditions.

Lessons Will Be Cancelled During: 
  • Icy rain
  • Heavy snowfall
  • Extreme cold (temp. is below -12c before the wind chill)
The winter session is 10 weeks but we only bill for 9 classes.  This means that if we have to cancel once during the session, we're square! In the event that we have to cancel classes a second time during a session, we ask that students schedule a make-up lesson (can be in the following session as well).  If we have to cancel a third time during a session, we will deduct the cost of the class from the following session.  

**Please note that cancellations will be posted on the blog ONLY so please check before heading to the barn.  On the weekends we will post any cancellations by 8:00am and weeknight lessons will be posted by 2:00pm.